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Mosaic group
Mosaic group
  • 7x faster onboarding process
  • 10x faster critical incident resolution
  • 5x increased team velocity
  • 2x faster security and performance audit

Mosaic builds and acquires best-in-class brands, providing creators with the platform and expertise to rapidly scale products - along with the inspiration, support and resources to innovate new ones. Mosaic was created by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC) group to centralize all joined mobile app businesses.

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  • Naturally born for Snowflake

    Naturally born for Snowflake

    DWH.DEV created especially for Snowflake. Various special snowflake objects support (DYNAMIC TABLE, STAGE, STREAM, TASK, PIPE, POLICY)

  • Ultimate accuracy lineage

    Ultimate accuracy lineage

    Maximum column-level observability surface! Respect for Snowflake's tons of special behavior points

    • Reusing column aliases
    • Default and virtual columns lineage
    • Overloading procedures and UDFs
    • CTE as expression alias
  • Complexity reducing

    Complexity reducing

    Amazing lineage features: JOIN and WHERE clauses, strong and weak dependencies, task lineage isolation, pipe lineage isolation, circle dependencies handling, and much more!

  • Security by design

    Security by design

    • Unique offline mode: upload DDL, pipelines, and dashboards as a set of statements without Snowflake direct connection
    • Direct connection: only metadata permissions wo data read/write permissions
  • Navigation


    Blazing fast modern interface with plenty of necessary features: zoom, minimap, a special mode for complex dependency graph, TASK DAG visualization, task and pipes inside lineage

  • Fancy SQL Highlight

    Fancy SQL Highlight

    Exceptional source highlight capability: go-to-object and functions interactive help

  • Integrations


    DBT and Looker integration for end-to-end column lineage

    • Now you have column-to-column lineage for your DBT projects
    • From report to source passing column-to-column lineage
  • Automation


    Direct connect to our SQL static analyzer via API

  • In-Query lineage

    Go deeper in query lineage!

  • Query issues detection engine

    Performance and architect issues detection autopilot

  • Snowflake marketplace

    Run inside your Snowflake account with the Snowflake container service

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    Snowflake objects

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  • integration

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    DDL / ETL / Dashboards

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  • Unlimited


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