Ultimate data flow observability solution

for your Snowflake data engineering teams

Take data infrastructure complexity under control, save time & understand data with:

  • data lineage visualization (views, ETL pipelines, BI reports, etc.)
  • fast and flexible data catalog
  • precise metadata catalog created specifically for Snowflake
  • secure setup (no on-premise installation or database access required by design)
  • enterprise-ready scalability (we support large databases with 10,000s of objects)
  • plug & play launch (quick, automatic & easy integration)

What users are saying about us

Ted Z.

Principal Consultant,


Reviewing data lineage manually is quite cumbersome and takes time. With your solution, we are able to acquire knowledge about database models and fix potential data issues early in development, reducing turn-around time for client requests. We are excited to see how we can further increase data observability with DWH.DEV’s platform.

Ted Z.
Vit L.

Senior Data Director


Data accuracy can make or break a business. With DWH.DEV, I can be sure where the data is coming from, where it is used and how it is transformed along the way.

Vit L.
Gary V.

Executive Director,
Global US Bank


DWH.DEV is an advanced data lineage solution that provides critical insights and ultimately leads to better business decisions.

Gary V.
Vitalii M.

Senior Data Engineer - ex Badoo,


I’ve tried to implement SQL parser for Snowflake myself, but I gave up on the idea quickly due to the complexity of the Snowflake dialect and the high frequency of changes, as it requires a tremendous amount of effort to create and maintain such a project. DWH.DEV offers more Snowflake-specific database insights than any other visualization solution that I’ve used. It is very relevant for my work as a Senior Data Engineer, and I am very impressed in my interactions with the team.

Vitalii M.

One-click Integration