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  • Better Data Governance

    By providing a comprehensive view of data assets and their relationships, provided data lineage and data catalog enable enterprises to establish and enforce data governance policies more effectively, to mitigate risks associated with data, and to improve overall data management.

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

    Our solution helps enterprises to reduce the time and effort required for data analysis and decision-making. By providing a clear and complete view of data assets, our clients can quickly locate and the data they need, reducing the time required for data preparation and analysis. This will lead to increased efficiency and productivity, and making faster and better-informed decisions.

  • Improved Data Quality help enterprises to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their data. We enable our customers to identify data quality issues, such as missing or inconsistent data, and take corrective actions to resolve them.

Awesome UI to keep everything under control

Powerful features for your goals

Visualize and understand your data

Understand your data and its interconnectivity through our brand new custom path view. This is one of our powerful tools for observation of your data, improving efficiency, and driving better business outcomes.

Easy to find - easy to improve

Improve your teams’ efficiency and productivity by reducing the time spent searching for metadata, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Built to scale

Our solution is built to scale as your data needs grow. Whether you need to manage a few dozen data sources or thousands, our solution can handle it, thanks to a robust architecture that is designed to accommodate a wide range of data objects.

Quick start in minutes

Integrate DWH.DEV with your Snowflake database in minutes through enriching the metadata with your DBT manifest in one click. Upload ETL or BI SQL scripts from any sources: query history, GIT, Airflow, Looker, Power BI, etc. Or simply use DWH.DEV API for automation.

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