Data Lineage Challenge

  • Anton Revyako
    Anton Revyako

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Data Lineage Challenge

In the first days of the new year, the team has prepared a bit more fun for you :)

Do you use data lineage tools in your work? How about checking their quality? Finding out how comprehensive and accurate your data observability is in reality, upon which you rely?

We're launching a new initiative - the Data Lineage Challenge. This is a set of examples specific to various databases that will help you assess the quality of your data lineage tool:

As specializes in Snowflake, the first set of examples will be dedicated to it.

We'll be updating this repository with examples for Snowflake as well as other databases. Subscribe not to miss out!

Feel free to send examples of the "special behavior" of the databases you work with, and we'll add them to this repository.

Additionally, we'd love to see the results of the data lineage tools you're currently using. Hopefully, this will assist their developers in making these tools even better :)