We need to go deeper, Snowflake

  • Anton Revyako
    Anton Revyako

    Founder of dwh.dev

We need to go deeper, Snowflake

We are constantly looking for ways to make the already excellent data lineage tool, dwh.dev, even better.

After talking with users, we realized that no matter how accurately we display column-level lineage between objects, on the "last mile" (within CTAS/VIEW queries), SQL developers are left without help and spend a lot of time exploring complex queries.

We couldn't let this happen, so we developed a new unique feature - IN-QUERY LINEAGE!

Now you can go deeper into a selected object's logic and get column-level lineage for the internals of a SELECT query.

Dwh.dev In-query Data Lineage

In the current "preview" stage, we highlight CTEs, subqueries, pivots, joins, and unions. We allow collapsing/expanding each subquery to control the level of detail.

This functionality is also available for DBT projects.

The next step will be to add mapping of the selected query element to its source code at both the subquery and column levels. We have many features planned here, so stay tuned!

You can try the new functionality for free and without any restrictions by simply registering at dwh.dev.

I'd also like to remind you that we have a unique offline mode, which allows you not to connect to your Snowflake database directly. All you need to do is upload your DDL to us, and if you use DBT, your manifest.json as well.